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Achilles Tendonosis

The Achilles tendon is the biggest tendon in our body. It is a vital tendon as it is used when we walk, jump, run or do activities that involve our feet. It can endure a huge amount of tension and stress brought about by these activities. However, it is susceptible to being inflamed. This is brought about by excessive use and deterioration and is known as tendonosis. Sportsmen commonly manifest Achilles tendonosis.

Achilles Tendonosis — Signs and Symptoms

The most ordinary sign is discomfort and pain that can be anywhere from a dull twinge to piercing prickly pains. Walking and climbing the stairs may be difficult. The pain will be more forceful as it aggravates and occurrences will be more frequent. More than a few minutes of movement will make it better but will recur after a few minutes of rest. An area of the Achilles will normally be tender and puffed-up. Read more...