Lawrence Reaves Bio

Lawrence J.T. Reaves is a prolific freelance writer with experience in a number of different fields. Prior to obtaining his B.S. in Psychology from the University of the District of Columbia, Lawrence spent a number of years traveling the world as a freelance journalist. He worked for many different newspapers and magazines until he realized that he could write about all manner of things from the comfort of his own home. He settled outside of Richmond, Virginia, where he still resides with his wife Amelia and his three Dachshunds: Fritzy, Albert, and Delilah. Lawrence is an avid researcher, a man of multiple interests, and he has had his fair share of carpal tunnel syndrome. For recreation he enjoys taking his boat out on the lake, watching comedies with his wife, and visiting his 3 children (Penny, Max, and Jude – Amelia is a Beatles fan, obviously) and his many grandchildren.

Lately, Lawrence has been writing about anything from cars to computers, from jewelry to software products. His research methods include a combination of online research and good old-fashioned library research, and he actually volunteers some of his time at his local library – reading stories to the children at story time. Because of his beloved pets, he loves writing about dogs, and because of his many grandchildren, he’s taken to writing about babies and pregnancy as well. He isn’t afraid to tackle any topic, and is always accepting new freelance clients.

Though he spends many hours per week writing, Lawrence and Amelia still find time to volunteer at a local food bank, take long walks by the lake, and practice Tai Chi most mornings. Sometimes they let Fritzy, Albert, and Delilah join in, too.

Written by his daughter, Penny, who happens also to be his biggest fan.