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Taking Advantage Of A Corporate Condo For An Extended Medical Stay

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Medical Extended Stay Housing

When on an extended stay for medical purposes, corporate condos and apartments are recommended for optimal comfort. Medical tourism is a growing industry and more people are requiring extended accommodations for this reason. During a medical stay, comfort is critical to keep stress levels low and accelerate recovery times. This article will take a close look at the advantages of staying in a furnished apartment or condo when seeking treatment away from home.


Benefits of Corporate Condos For Extended Medical Stays

In a hotel, other guests constantly arrive and leave, walking through the shared hallways and slamming doors. The hotel environment can go from quiet and peaceful to noisy within moments. Furthermore, the level of service you receive from the hotel’s staff is often unpredictable. With a shift change, it can go from accommodating to unresponsive, and even rude. This is not conducive to stress-free living and recovering from a medical treatment.

Furnished corporate apartments and condos are less transient. The residents living nearby tend to be more consistent, maintaining normal hours.

The cost of leasing a corporate apartment is typically less than the cost of staying in a hotel room. You’ll also have access to a wider range of amenities, including a fully-outfitted kitchen and personal washer and dryer. Furnished temporary housing is more spacious, offering up to 800 square feet compared to a standard hotel room’s 300 square feet.

Here are several other benefits of staying in corporate housing for an extended medical stay:

Single Room Versus Several Rooms. A corporate apartment or condo offers more privacy than a hotel room. The accommodations are typically designed with two or more rooms. That means when people visit you, they’ll have more space to relax. They can let you sleep by using an adjacent room to talk, read, or watch television.

Limited Furniture Versus Fully-Furnished. A furnished apartment is equipped with all the comforts of home. You’ll have couches, beds, chairs, and tables, along with a full kitchen to cook meals. These and other amenities make the living space more comfortable, which can help speed your recovery.

Meals In Restaurants Versus A Fully Stocked Kitchen. Eating restaurant food each day can become expensive. If you stay in a hotel, plan to spend approximately $300 to $400 each week on food. By contrast, you’ll be able to cook your own meals when you stay in temporary housing. Groceries may cost as little as $200 for the entire month.

Also, keep in mind that it may be difficult to find healthy menu options at restaurants. Cooking your own meals is generally healthier, which can play a major role in helping to accelerate your recovery.

Living Out Of A Suitcase Versus Unpacking. Some people enjoy living out of a suitcase for the sense of freedom it provides them. Most people, however, prefer a more permanent lifestyle in which they can better organize and manage their lives. Furnished apartments and condos provide all the comforts of home, allowing you to unpack and enjoy your stay.

Coin Laundry Versus A Washer And Dryer. Laundromats are expensive, inconvenient and in some cases, less sanitary than a personal washer and dryer. Temporary housing offers washers and dryers in each unit. They’re private, clean, and make washing laundry more convenient.

Expensive Local And Long-Distance Calling Versus Free Local And Low-Cost Long Distance. Calling from a hotel room can be expensive if the hotel does not offer free local calling. By contrast, most corporate apartments and condos provide free local calling and low-cost long distance calls as part of your lease.

Paid Internet Versus “Free” High-Speed Internet. Although most hotels offer free WiFi to paying guests, many hotels charge between $5 and $15 each day for access. This can significantly drive up the cost of staying at a hotel. The lease for your furnished apartment includes high-speed internet.

Higher Total Cost Versus Lower Total Cost. The total monthly cost to stay in a hotel room can easily reach $5,000 per month. The total monthly cost to stay in a corporate apartment or condo often costs less than $3,000 per month. While medical expenses are already high, corporate housing helps to keep your living expenses low.

Consider Fully-Furnished Corporate Housing For Extended Medical Stays

A furnished condo or apartment will normally be less expensive than a hotel room for an extended medical stay. Additionally, by comparison, many corporate housing properties are luxurious, offering far more than a standard hotel room. While you enjoy a more peaceful stay, along with substantial cost savings, you can concentrate fully on recovering after your treatment.

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Attorney Altercations: Are They Worth It?

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Having an attorney can help your chances of winning your case, but there is a possibility that having one may do you more harm than good in the long run. You trust that your attorney will do everything in their power to help you get the settlement or verdict that you deserve. Sometimes an attorney will help you to the best of their ability, and sometimes they may take your money while putting in a minimum of effort to see that justice is done.

This seems to be the best way to work out your differences.

This seems to be the best way to work out your differences.

Why Are There Client/Attorney Complications?

Some of the more common reasons for clients to have a falling out with their attorney are the final verdict or settlement is one that the client is unhappy with, the attorney is not working diligently enough, the client’s expectations are too high, the attorney is either too busy or unattainable, the attorney isn’t paying attention to what their client is saying and the attorney doesn’t take the proper time to explain to their client what’s going on. There are an endless number of possibilities for you to be unsatisfied with your attorney. A few things that you can do if you are unhappy with your legal adviser are to work it out, simply tolerate your attorney or get a new attorney.

Two-Step Analysis

Before you decide to get a new attorney, you need to take a moment to analyze the situation to really find the core of the problem. Ask yourself if you’re the type of person to have similar problems with your doctor, spouse, friends or other individuals. Answering yourself honestly, you may come to find that the problem isn’t with your attorney, but with yourself. It’s a good idea to try to get over your emotions and work things out with your attorney before you inadvertently ruin your case. If you come to find out that the problem really is your attorney, then ask yourself where the problem has occurred. Was there a lack of communication, mismatched expectations, does your attorney not fully understand your situation or do they not have the right paralegal support for the both of you?

Solutions To Your Problem 

If you’re going to try to work things out, then you should sit down face-to-face or have a phone conversation with your attorney. Be prepared to be completely honest about why you feel things aren’t working out, no matter how trivial or unusual your concerns may be. You may find yourself surprised at how often attorneys deal with problems exactly like yours. If your case has been going on for a long period of time, you owe it to your attorney to give them a chance to work things out. Putting up with your attorney and the work they do can be a viable option if you can realize that sometimes you’re going to have amicable differences with people. Before firing your attorney, ask yourself if your case is strong enough that another attorney will be interested, if you’ve been a good and fair client, if there is a fee agreement in your contract in the event that you decide to fire your attorney and if you’ll be better or worse off not having an attorney at all rather than one who is either too lazy or too busy.

Before you even hire an attorney, you’ll want to check with the state bar about the attorney’s disciplinary history. You should always take a moment to truly examine yourself, the situation and your attorney before making a final decision.

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5 Ways To Select Your New Doctor

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Doctors play a primary role throughout our lives but how many of us actually choose our doctor with the attention that it requires? Most of the time, we tend to pick one out of a lineup of potential physicians without taking the time to really find out whether or not that doctor will be able to meet our healthcare needs. However, it is important to carefully consider these five items as you select the physician who will care for you. Even if you think you do not really need a doctor, it is always important to have one just in case.

Choosing a new doctor

How about these doctors? They sure know how to pose.

1 – Sources

When it comes to choosing a doctor the best place to start is with your friends and family. Selecting a doctor’s name out of the book that your insurance provider gives you can be risky since you have no way of knowing what kind of personality that doctor has, whether they are efficient at what they do, and if they are fully qualified. You need more information than just a simple name and your friends and family can give you that. They can tell you who they use as their primary doctor and what their experiences have been.

2 – Perform a test run

Often, a doctor’s staff reflects how professional and caring they are so it can be worth your time to simply call and speak to the people running the office. Doctors who are less than caring tend to have staff that are abrupt and even downright rude, treating you more like a number than as an individual. On the other hand, a staff member that listens to you, is polite, and friendly can be a good sign that the doctor is the same way.

3 – Credential verification

While checking out a doctor’s staff and talking to people that you know can be extremely helpful in finding a good doctor, you should also do some research and verify that doctor’s credentials. I am not talking about calling their medical school but you should take some time to find out the name of the hospital at which they did their residency. Young medical school graduates are greatly influenced by the older doctors they practice medicine with and, if the hospital has a less than sterling reputation, you may want to practice a little bit of caution before choosing that doctor.

4 – Interview the candidates

Selecting a primary care physician should be done in the same way that a person chooses an employee. You never want to focus on just one doctor. Instead, try to put together a list of potential candidates and then meet with those doctors in person. During the initial meeting try to keep in mind the following questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable with this doctor?
  • Would I be willing to contact this doctor with any health concerns or questions I might have, regardless of how personal?
  • Does this doctor have the experience I am looking for to provide my care?
  • Will this doctor listen to me or does he/she assume that I don’t know anything?
  • Does the doctor practice only straight medicine or do they use a combination of holistic and traditional medicine practices?
  • Would I trust this doctor with my life?
  • Do I believe that this doctor will be upfront and honest with me?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to examine that doctor further or find a few more doctors to look at.

5 – Narrowing it down

Once you have a solid selection of physicians for the job, then it is time to narrow down the list and the best way to do this is to look at the doctor’s personality. You may not think this is very important but, in fact, it is crucial in developing a relationship with that doctor. To be able to be honest and know that the doctor will give you the best care, it is important to establish a good relationship that involves communication and trust. You simply can’t hand over that trust to a stranger but you can hand it over to someone with whom you can relate and someone that you get along with extremely well.

Taking into account these five elements is essential in selecting a primary care physician today. In this manner you approach the matter in a thoughtful and analytical way that ensures you will have access to the best care when it is needed.

Looking for a concierge doctors? Try for your new doctor search.

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Can You Beat Your Competition? What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

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Today’s economy is tough, and businesses are working harder than ever to stay afloat. Do you know what it will take to beat your competition for that next customer? If you don’t, you could lose them to the competition. Having a marketing strategy is critical to any business’ success. A marketing strategy will help identify the customers that you serve and how you can meet their needs. Let’s talk about how you can create a marketing strategy to outfox your competition big time!

Identify your competition. Who is your competition? Off the top of your head, you should know who your top 3 or 5 biggest competitors are. If you don’t, this is probably a good place to start. Where would a customer shop if they didn’t come to you? You may have to think a little creatively depending on what type of industry or niche you are in, and if you are brick and mortar or online business. An online business can use keywords to help identify their competition. A brick and mortar store may use things like location and word of mouth to help know who their competition is.

What are your top selling products? This is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is so helpful to know what your customers know you are the go-to company, store or business to come to for. Look at your sales records for the past three to six months and see what your top 10 products are. If they are different than what you thought they would be, make a note of this for your own record keeping and business plan.

Do your homework. Once you know who your competition is, it is time to research them. Visit their online websites or brick and mortar locations. Read news stories that have been written about them. If they are a publicly traded company, read their stock reports. Try buying a few products and/or calling Customer Service and make a note of your experiences.

Ask your customers for their two cents. Your customers are a valuable resource when it comes to marketing because they are doing business with you. Send out a short survey with a Thank You gift and ask their opinion. Keep in confidential so they can feel free to give their unedited opinions.

Look at your business plan. Once you have done additional research for your marketing strategy, it is time to look at your business plan. It may be time to make changes to your business plan due to your new and updated marketing strategy. You may consider adding new products or reducing the products you sell. You can look at your business plan before doing this research, but it will be hard to make any changes until you have completed this work.

Small business owners are busy, and no one likes to think about having an additional task. But taking the time to analyze your competition can save you time and money. If you understand why your competition is successful, it can help you decide to make changes. Whether you decide to carry new products, reduce the products you sell or to change your marketing strategy, you are on your way to successful results.


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Five Ideas For Hanging Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

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Now that the holiday season is here, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to decorate your home. You are likely going to put up a Christmas tree, hang your stockings on the fire place, and maybe add some greenery to your mantle. While you may know exactly what you want to do for the inside of your home, it may be difficult to decide what to do on the outside of your home. Should you leave it alone or go all out with the decorating? Here are five ways you can be sure your outdoor holiday lighting will look its best.

1. Find The Style That Matches Your Home

Finding the Christmas lights that best match the style of your home will help ensure that the look you are creating isn’t too simple, but not too over the top. Look at your home to see what some of your home’s best features are. If it is the beautifully arched doorways, then consider putting some Christmas lights there to help make that part stand out. In addition to being sure the holiday lighting matches your home’s style, you may also consider making the outside decorations match the indoor decorations. For example, if you have colored lights on your Christmas tree, then consider using colorful lights on the outside of your home as well. If you want to have the best of both worlds, you can use colored lights on the inside of your home and white lights on the outside, or vice versa.

2. Look For Inspiration

Looking through magazines is a great way to find good ideas on how to decorate your home. If you are still looking for ideas, try taking a drive around town to see how other people have decorated their homes. You don’t want to steal their ideas, of course, but they may help give you some inspiration for how you want to decorate your home. Another great option is to look on the internet. There are nearly limitless resources with great ideas on how to decorate your home and make it truly individual and beautiful.

3. Check Quality Of The Lights

Your Christmas lights need to be of good quality in order to be sure that your holiday display will stay looking nice throughout the entire holiday season. If a string of lights goes out in the middle of the season, it can make a Christmas display go from looking attractive to looking tacky. Checking the quality of lights and being sure they all work beforehand will save your home from becoming an eyesore and also save you the time and hassle of replacing the lights midway through the season.

4. Decorate More Than Just The House

There are many different places on your house that you can decorate. You can put Christmas lights on your roof, around your windows and doors, or on your railings. Your house can be a great place for putting up Christmas lighting, but there are several other places you could put lights as well. For example, putting Christmas lights on your trees can be a great way to add a little something special to your holiday lighting. Lighting up your sidewalks or walkway can be not only a nice decorating touch, but also a way to help your guests see where they are going when it’s dark outside. If you want to do something a little more outside of the box, then you may consider putting Christmas lights in your yard.

5. Get A Second Opinion

If you are still stumped for ideas, or want to make sure the ideas you have will really look good on your home, consider asking someone you trust, such as a friend, neighbor, or relative. They can give you their input, and may even be able to come up with ideas you never would have thought of. Not only can they be great for giving you ideas or opinions, it is also helpful to have a second person helping you decorate your home. It can make it a more fun experience, as well.

The options for decorating your home are nearly endless. You can go simple or do an intricate design on your home. There are many different ways to find inspiration, and a lot of different places you can go for ideas. No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is that you love the way you have decorated your home, and that is original and fits who you are.

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