Avoiding Senior Moments And Increasing Your Brain Power

senior moment

The there is no getting away from the fact is that memory reduces as we age.  I used to remember everything important but in the last few years have had trouble linking faces and names and I have definitely got more forgetful.  I am in my mid-fifties so I am  perhaps approaching that  senior moment territory  but I did start to investigate whether there was something I could be doing now to improve  my memory and  help with these memory lapses.


First off, medical research has found that the adult brain is still able to form new memory.  You may be one of these people who believes that a person’s mental ability is at its peak as an early adult and then it’s all downhill  from there but that thinking has not now scientifically shown to be the case.  The latest thinking is that with some effort you can boost your memory power whatever your age.



One: playing mind games

No these aren’t the sort you play with your partner in a troubled relationship!  Mind games or brain games like Sudoku or crosswords can help to improve the memory although it’s not entirely clear why.  I suppose that the brain is a muscle like any other and it needs exercise so keeping  it busy is key is you want to improve your concentration and memory.

Two: eating the right foods

Okay I am not going to bang on about diet.  You will already know how good and bad or indifferent your diet already is and that there are some memory super foods, those antioxidant rich fruit and veg which act to protect your brain from those pesky free radicals.  Oatmeal and have a low GI foods plus those with only have three in the for help your brain.  Neurology a professional magazine published a study recently which found that people with lower levels of omega 3 had brains that seemed around two years older in the MRI scans that there were carried out as part of the study.

Following something like the Mediterranean diet is no bad thing as it concentrates on natural products like nuts, legumes and protein from meats like chicken and fish.  Meat itself is not brilliant as its heavy in omega 6 which may contribute to the inflammation of the of the brain which possibly underlies the onset of Alzheimer’s as do refined sugars.  Yes it can take a bit of planning but eating healthily and concentrating on the vitamins and minerals can be very helpful for your brain.  Aim for the suggested five fruit and veg a day and try some of the recommended memory loss supplements that  can help like brainfire

Three: stop multitasking

Studies have shown that it takes 8 seconds to get a piece of information into your memory.  Trying to do more than one thing at a time means that the chances are you’ll not remember any of the things you are trying to remember as  it is difficult to do more than one thing at a time and concentration takes some effort.  One suggestion is that you pay attention  the task in hand.  This means to try and avoid losing your keys for example, when you put them down stop and actually saying out loud ” I am leaving my keys on the kitchen cabinet” . This might seem a little extreme but if you train yourself to do this- it does actually work, as does leaving them in the same place every time of course!

Four: increase your sleep

It is believed to that a deep sleep of 8 hours or more means that the brain starts to shift memories and other information into a long-term storage.  Many of us get less than 7 hours and implementing a sleep schedule means you will definitely help them with memory improvement.

So there you are some simple tips for avoiding those senior moments, and improving your brain function.  There are of course there loads more but you won’t remember them!

In the meantime here are some senior moments you may wish to avoid…