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5 Ways To Select Your New Doctor

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Doctors play a primary role throughout our lives but how many of us actually choose our doctor with the attention that it requires? Most of the time, we tend to pick one out of a lineup of potential physicians without taking the time to really find out whether or not that doctor will be able to meet our healthcare needs. However, it is important to carefully consider these five items as you select the physician who will care for you. Even if you think you do not really need a doctor, it is always important to have one just in case.

Choosing a new doctor

How about these doctors? They sure know how to pose.

1 – Sources

When it comes to choosing a doctor the best place to start is with your friends and family. Selecting a doctor’s name out of the book that your insurance provider gives you can be risky since you have no way of knowing what kind of personality that doctor has, whether they are efficient at what they do, and if they are fully qualified. You need more information than just a simple name and your friends and family can give you that. They can tell you who they use as their primary doctor and what their experiences have been.

2 – Perform a test run

Often, a doctor’s staff reflects how professional and caring they are so it can be worth your time to simply call and speak to the people running the office. Doctors who are less than caring tend to have staff that are abrupt and even downright rude, treating you more like a number than as an individual. On the other hand, a staff member that listens to you, is polite, and friendly can be a good sign that the doctor is the same way.

3 – Credential verification

While checking out a doctor’s staff and talking to people that you know can be extremely helpful in finding a good doctor, you should also do some research and verify that doctor’s credentials. I am not talking about calling their medical school but you should take some time to find out the name of the hospital at which they did their residency. Young medical school graduates are greatly influenced by the older doctors they practice medicine with and, if the hospital has a less than sterling reputation, you may want to practice a little bit of caution before choosing that doctor.

4 – Interview the candidates

Selecting a primary care physician should be done in the same way that a person chooses an employee. You never want to focus on just one doctor. Instead, try to put together a list of potential candidates and then meet with those doctors in person. During the initial meeting try to keep in mind the following questions:

  • Do I feel comfortable with this doctor?
  • Would I be willing to contact this doctor with any health concerns or questions I might have, regardless of how personal?
  • Does this doctor have the experience I am looking for to provide my care?
  • Will this doctor listen to me or does he/she assume that I don’t know anything?
  • Does the doctor practice only straight medicine or do they use a combination of holistic and traditional medicine practices?
  • Would I trust this doctor with my life?
  • Do I believe that this doctor will be upfront and honest with me?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then you need to examine that doctor further or find a few more doctors to look at.

5 – Narrowing it down

Once you have a solid selection of physicians for the job, then it is time to narrow down the list and the best way to do this is to look at the doctor’s personality. You may not think this is very important but, in fact, it is crucial in developing a relationship with that doctor. To be able to be honest and know that the doctor will give you the best care, it is important to establish a good relationship that involves communication and trust. You simply can’t hand over that trust to a stranger but you can hand it over to someone with whom you can relate and someone that you get along with extremely well.

Taking into account these five elements is essential in selecting a primary care physician today. In this manner you approach the matter in a thoughtful and analytical way that ensures you will have access to the best care when it is needed.

Looking for a concierge doctors? Try for your new doctor search.

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What To Wear In The Beginning Of The Twenty-First Century

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You might walk down the street and look around only to notice that there are a lot of different styles going on. You might see someone who looks like they just walked out of an 80’s horror film. You might see someone who is stuck in the 60’s. Someone else might be recreating the 40’s. There are so many different styles that people are pulling off today, but there are some that might be a little more acceptable and perhaps even a little more popular than others. While some of the styles will probably change in the coming years, the following are some things that you might consider wearing now, in the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Jelly shoes

Jelly shoes have been popular before, and they are back! Not just the typical jelly shoe that you wore in grade school, but futuristic jelly shoes. They are now being created with comfortable soles, and designs that you could even wear for your wedding. Remember Cinderella and her glass slipper? If you looked hard enough, you might even be able to find a jelly slipper that would be perfect to go with your wedding gown or prom dress. If you just want some jelly shoes for your children to run and play in, they are also casual enough for that.

Bold And Futuristic Prints


Perhaps you’ve seen them already; prints that actually don’t make any sense to your mind. Prints that push the boundaries and are different than any other prints you have ever seen before. Those are futuristic prints. Futuristic prints, along with other bold prints, are making a statement today. There are all sorts of futuristic jewels that you could find to put with your prints as well. If you want to experiment with some bold or futuristic prints, you might want to look for:

  • Neon leopard prints
  • A galaxy-look-alike print
  • Different gray geometrical shapes
  • Metallic swirls
  • Colorful zebra prints

Would You Like That In Pink Or Orange?

Pink and orange are two very popular colors today. Women have been seen wearing pink suits to work. Sound like something you’ve seen in a movie? It’s really happening all around. Hot pink, baby pink, and just about any other pink you can think of, is becoming a popular choice for women and men alike. Not a pink sort of person? No problem. Orange is another popular choice today. Not just the typical orange, but any shade of orange, including tangerine, amber, pumpkin, and tenne.

Pretty Pastels

Another trend so far of the twenty-first century is pastel colors. Pants, hats, shirts, jewelry, and even fingernail polish is found in beautiful pastel colors. Men have also been found wearing pastels in anything from their dress shirts to their skinny jeans. Pastel fingernail polish is popular among young girls, teens, and even adults. If there’s a color you like, you can find it in a pastel.

As you can see, there are some really fun things to wear as the twenty-first century has already proven that there are some awesome trends out there. Look around, go shopping, and figure out what trends you like the best so that you can get in style.

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The Scoop On Open Heart Surgery

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If you have heart disease, your doctor may be recommending open heart, or cardiac surgery.  This is a commonly performed procedure that is used to fix a number of problems with the heart such as clogged arteries, a valve that is not working properly and is not responding to non-invasive treatment, or other serious issues.  The reason it is called open heart is because the surgeons will cut open your chest, exposing the heart.  This sounds like a frightening procedure for many people, but actually, this is a procedure that has been performed millions of times and the risk is minimal.

Bypass Heart Surgery

The procedure for bypass open heart surgery

After the patient has been given a local anesthetic the first thing the surgeon has to do is find some replacement blood vessels and this means that the surgical team will have to remove some blood vessels from another part of your body.  This is usually done on the leg because of a blood vessel called the saphenous vein, which is quite long in length.  If the surgeons cannot use this vein, they will use a couple of veins from the arms.

When the surgeons have the replacement veins, they are ready to begin the main portion of the surgery and this starts with a long incision down the length of the breastbone.  The cut extends through the tissue layers all the way to the breastbone, exposing it.  Once the surgeons have access to the breastbone, the bone itself, is cut, revealing the heart underneath.  With a bypass, the surgeon takes the blood vessels that they removed from the limb(s) and attaches them to the heart as replacements for vessels that have become blocked.  At this point, the surgeons will either remove the old vessels or will simply create a new pathway for the blood to travel through the heart, using the replacement blood vessels.  The breastbone is reattached with surgical wire and the chest tissue is stitched up.

On pump/off pump

When open heart surgery is performed, the surgeon can choose to use the on pump or the off pump method.  This simply refers to the operation of the heart during the surgical procedure.  On pump means that the heart is stopped during surgery and a machine takes over the pumping of blood for the body.  Many surgeons prefer this method because the machine removes the majority of the blood from the heart, making it easier for them to see what they are doing.

Off pump means that the heart is allowed to pump normally through the operation and this is the less expensive of the two options.  Patients who have this type of surgery heal more quickly because there is less risk of infection than when they are on the pump.  Unfortunately, most patients have a heart that cannot stand up to the pressure of operating while under surgery so the majority of surgeries cannot be performed with this manner.


The period of recovery from this type of surgery can depend on the healthy lifestyle of the patient and any complications that may have occurred.  Complications are not common, however, and most people spend about 24 hours in intensive care for careful observation and to be allowed to wake up slowly from their surgery so as to put little strain on the heart.  Chest tubes are taken out after 48 hours and the patient will begin rehabilitation to prepare them for going home.

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How Hard Drive Erasing Software Can Help Your Business

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Getting a new computer? It seems there’s always new technology to upgrade to. Getting a new computer is fun and exciting, but also a lot of work. One of the most important things you’ll do is to remove all of your data from the old computer. And something we’ve all learned is that this data can still be there even if you’ve deleted it. It’s critical that you erase it, using a method that permanently removes it from your hard drive.


One of the best reasons to do this is to protect your company’s trade secrets and private information. Whether you’ve had your computer for 5 years, 10 years or even just a year, you’ve stored important business information on it. Every business needs to protect their investment: how they’ve grown and developed their business through hard work and ingenuity. By erasing your hard drive you are helping to protect your business.

Another great reason to do this is identity theft. Erasing the information from your hard drive means they won’t have access to information about you, your employees or any business information. This is especially important if you’ve kept payroll or personnel files on that computer’s hard drive. With just a small amount of information, they could steal someone’s identity if they were determined to do so. Protecting yourself and your employees is the responsible thing to do.

Don’t neglect erasing your hard drive. If your computer is donated to charity, you’ll want to erase the hard drive, and then give them the CDs so they can load in the software programs themselves. Your computer will still work even if you erase the hard drive, everything will just need to be reinstalled. For some who get a new computer, they do so because they need new technology even though their computer works quite well. Donating your computer to charity is a thoughtful thing to do, and you can still do this even if you erase the hard drive, it just takes a little extra planning of giving them the software disks.

There are quite a few software programs available that promise to erase your hard drive. Some are available for free and others are paid software.

This software is not difficult to use. If you have installed software before, then you can certainly used hard drive erasing software with confidence.

WipeDrive from White Canyon Software promises to entirely erase your hard drive. Buying their software will “wipe” three computers. This software is used by the Department of Defense and also by Fortune 500 companies, an excellent recommendation of their product.

Eraser is a free hard drive eraser software program. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Go to the Downloads page and follow the directions to use Eraser on your computer.

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Helpful Tips For Test Taking

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Much of student’s success is evaluated according to their performance on exams. This can refer to standardized exams as well as midterms and finals for their classes at school. If you are interested in doing better on your tests so that you can maintain a higher GPA as you prepare for college, there are several things that you can do. Here are some helpful tips for test taking you can use right now.

Continuous Study

There is a difference between cramming for an exam so that you will hopefully remember the answers, and actually learning the material. Although you may be able to study and remember a number of things short term, you are likely to forget everything within a short period of time. This can be problematic if you have a comprehensive final in your class. On a comprehensive exam, you need to be able to remember material from the beginning of the semester or term, rather than just what you have been focusing on recently. Rather than staying up all night before a test, study for a short time every day throughout the semester. This will help you to convert what you learn into long-term memory, meaning that you will be able to recall it more readily in the future because you understand it more deeply.

Ask for Help

If you are having trouble understanding a concept, the worst thing that you can do is just ignore it and wait for it to go away. Rather, ask your teacher for help so that you can understand it better. You might also consider asking a parent or adviser. There are also tutors available who have extensive knowledge of your school subjects. Sometimes hearing the same information from a different person or in different words can help you understand it better.

When you work with someone else, studying can be more enjoyable than if you work alone. Although this may not be true for every person in every situation, many students say that they prefer to work and study with others. Discussing the information and restating it in your own words can better solidify it in your mind.

It is also a good idea to consider tutoring online or find a local tutor, which can be a student, teacher or company. This be particularly helpful with more difficult subjects such as tutoring math, sciences or even tutoring for ESL.

Test Day

For some people, testing is the hardest part of a class. Even if they have spent a lot of time studying, their nerves may get the best of them when it comes to sitting down and taking the test. There are several things that you can do in order to keep your composure and approach a test with confidence. Multiple choice tests allow you the opportunity to narrow down your possibilities so that you have a higher probability of getting the answer right.

If you will be taking an essay test or a short answer test, include as much information in your answer as possible. Even if you don’t get it exactly right, many teachers will give partial credit for answers that are partially right, especially when they show that you were thinking critically about the question and that you tried hard.

Sometimes it is best to skip a question and come back later. Especially when you have a time limit on your test, it is better to answer everything that you know, rather than spending a long time trying to figure out the answers to questions that you don’t know. With questions that you skip, you may remember the answer as you continue to work on other questions.

By studying consistently and asking questions about concepts that you don’t understand, you can prepare all semester to do well on tests. When it comes to testing day, using these strategies can help you out.

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