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4 Tips for Creating Inspiring Videos

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Uninspiring, bland videos litter sites like Youtube and Dailymotion. Decide to stand out from the crowd by publishing high energy videos. By creating inspiring videos you can boost blog traffic, strengthen your brand and grow sales quickly. Viewers respond to your energy on a deeper, subconscious level. Create a masterpiece by following these simple, basic tips on a daily basis.

Study Popular Videos

Popular videos hold the key to creating inspiring pieces of content. By studying viral videos you can discern what moves your readers to like and share content. Pay strict attention to details like lighting, color use and the tone of the presentation. Popular videos generally center on an inspiring message which energizes viewers to chase their dreams or solve their most pressing problems. Your success is dictated by your ability to solve problems or inspire viewers to live their dreams. Use viral videos as a foundation for your video marketing campaign. Study the pros to create professional results.

Create from Your Heart

Do not ignore the cliché. Creating from your heart inspires viewers to respond favorably to your work. High energy, heartfelt videos become popular, income-producing pieces of content because your target audience resonates with your message on a subconscious level. Have you ever been moved to tears by a video or movie? The emotions felt indicate that the creation touched your heart. Release the fear of criticism. Create from your heart. Attract a loyal video following.

Note Color Schemes

Using light colors tends to inspire viewers versus using dark colors. Assess your background. Shoot videos during daylight hours to maximize the play of light. Bright, cheery colors influence your viewers on a deeper level. This is why mega successful business chains like McDonalds use bright colors throughout their restaurants and advertisements. Picture the last McDonalds commercial you watch. You likely noted bright yellows, reds and other striking colors and imagery used to snag your attention immediately. Take a page out of their marketing book. Employ bright, attention-grabbing colors in your videos to inspire your audience.

Avoid Filler Material

Struggling video marketers try to stretch out videos to reach a set length of time. Using this strategy create dull, lifeless content. Create inspiring content. Exit stage left. Make each minute inspiring or do not bother creating the video. Create a high energy, inspiring, uplifting piece of content. Lose the idea that publishing a long, detailed video is the only way to inspire viewers. Unless you have attracted a large, loyal following you will likely bore viewers by producing videos longer than 5 minutes.

Publish videos in the range of 3 to 5 minutes to avoid dead air, silence or awkward moments.

Speak with Enthusiasm

Avoid speaking in a drone, monotone voice. Speak with enthusiasm to inspire your viewers. Observe how popular self help coaches address their audiences. These individuals shock their viewers into submission by speaking with a powerful, inspiring and overpowering voice. Speak loud and clear to captivate your audience.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things video; she recommends you see here for more information on media replication services for your business.


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Create Brand Loyalty Through Direct Marketing

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Written by Mark Saghy, salesperson for the trade show exhibit company,

As discussed in other articles here on, direct marketing differs from general advertising in that:

  • General advertising broadcasts widely and allows potential customers to “self-select” for your product or service;
  • Direct marketing means that you create methods of knowing where the customer pools are, and you cast your net in those pools.

Understanding that key difference, the question now arises: how do you convert one-time direct buyers into long-time, loyal customers?

In order to answer that question, we first ask: what is a customer? Who considers himself or herself to be a customer of your business?

Many volumes and treatises have been written on the topic of customer psychology, and the subject of brand loyalty is the topic of intense debate and discussion in business schools and boardrooms alike. The discussion always seems to boil down to this:

  • Direct marketing and advertising campaigns are short-term efforts to interest customers in your product or service; however,
  • The treatment that customers receive during and after the sale determines whether or not brand loyalty exists; and
  • Inferior products and poor service cannot in the long run be compensated for by vigorous direct marketing campaigns. All that can be achieved by that approach is a high turnover of customers.

Here’s the good news: A continued direct marketing effort in conjunction with a strong product line and great service is the only time-tested way to cement brand loyalty.

In other words, direct marketing doesn’t end when the customer shows up at the door.

Direct marketing can be used to continue to build the customer relationship after the first, second and third sale. Here’s why it’s important to continue your direct marketing efforts after that first sale:

  • Acquisition costs for gaining a new customer are lower than the costs of maintaining a relationship with an existing customer;
  • Your ‘first sale’ customer may not know all the services you provide, and continuing to market to that relatively new customer is how you turn the first sale into the second sale, the third sale, and so forth;
  • High quality printed communication materials are relatively cheap to produce if you deal with a full-service company –  and these products come in a large variety. It’s perfectly reasonable to think that for every dollar you spend in printed marketing materials, you ought to be able to harvest three, four or more dollars in repeat customer sales;
  • With careful monitoring of your direct marketing customer lists along with your sales results, you can increase your profitability in the following ways –
  • You can tailor your direct marketing efforts based on the proven purchasing patterns of your customers;
  • You can pare your lists of unprofitable (unresponsive) customers.

Understanding the importance of continued direct marketing to existing customers, you now have only to consider the wide range of tools available to you from full-service printing customers:

  • Product catalogs – full catalogs or specialty lines
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Calendars
  • Flyers
  • Mailing inserts

Give it a try and see how these printed products can bolster your efforts to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers.


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Can You Beat Your Competition? What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

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Today’s economy is tough, and businesses are working harder than ever to stay afloat. Do you know what it will take to beat your competition for that next customer? If you don’t, you could lose them to the competition. Having a marketing strategy is critical to any business’ success. A marketing strategy will help identify the customers that you serve and how you can meet their needs. Let’s talk about how you can create a marketing strategy to outfox your competition big time!

Identify your competition. Who is your competition? Off the top of your head, you should know who your top 3 or 5 biggest competitors are. If you don’t, this is probably a good place to start. Where would a customer shop if they didn’t come to you? You may have to think a little creatively depending on what type of industry or niche you are in, and if you are brick and mortar or online business. An online business can use keywords to help identify their competition. A brick and mortar store may use things like location and word of mouth to help know who their competition is.

What are your top selling products? This is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is so helpful to know what your customers know you are the go-to company, store or business to come to for. Look at your sales records for the past three to six months and see what your top 10 products are. If they are different than what you thought they would be, make a note of this for your own record keeping and business plan.

Do your homework. Once you know who your competition is, it is time to research them. Visit their online websites or brick and mortar locations. Read news stories that have been written about them. If they are a publicly traded company, read their stock reports. Try buying a few products and/or calling Customer Service and make a note of your experiences.

Ask your customers for their two cents. Your customers are a valuable resource when it comes to marketing because they are doing business with you. Send out a short survey with a Thank You gift and ask their opinion. Keep in confidential so they can feel free to give their unedited opinions.

Look at your business plan. Once you have done additional research for your marketing strategy, it is time to look at your business plan. It may be time to make changes to your business plan due to your new and updated marketing strategy. You may consider adding new products or reducing the products you sell. You can look at your business plan before doing this research, but it will be hard to make any changes until you have completed this work.

Small business owners are busy, and no one likes to think about having an additional task. But taking the time to analyze your competition can save you time and money. If you understand why your competition is successful, it can help you decide to make changes. Whether you decide to carry new products, reduce the products you sell or to change your marketing strategy, you are on your way to successful results.


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Keep Clients Reminded with Appointment Card Stickers

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Appointment Card Stickers
Frustrated by clients who miss or just plain forget appointments? There has to be something to help keep your schedule on track. There is! Try what professionals in many fields have turned to, Appointment Card Stickers. These stickers easily attach to your business cards. Your clients know they have an appointment with you and that sticker draws attention to the appointment date and time. For many professionals this means fewer missed appointments and a smoother running day.

These stickers are easy to use and professionals like them because they are an easy way to remind every client of their appointment. Just attach the sticker to the business card and write in the appointment date and time. The sticker is an attractive graphic, specially designed to attract attention. They come in a variety of styles and colors, that will work well with your business card.
Appointment Card
You’ll be surprised when using the stickers at how clients notice them right from the start. That’s because not every professional uses something this unique and stand out on their business card, so yours easily get attention. Even for the client who has a few business cards in their pocket, reminding them of a few appointments, you can be confident that yours will stand out from the crowd. That bright and colorful graphic draws the eye in and the first thing they’ll notice is the appointment date and time.

If you decide to use stickers in your office, remember to make them available to everyone in your office. Anyone who answers the phone or is at the reception desk can wind up making an appointment. They need to have quick access to these Appointment Card Stickers so clients’ cards always have the stickers on them. If you only use them occasionally or wind up forgetting to use them most of the time, then your clients wont know to look for them. The key is to use them each and every time, so they become your trademark.

Write on appointment card stickers with a black or blue pen. While a pencil can be convenient to use in the office for many reasons, you wont want to use it to write appointments. A gel pen can be used, just about any pen may be ideal as long as it doesn’t smudge. Some professionals prefer to use a permanent ink pen. Test out the pen to see if it smudges before you begin writing out appointments for clients. Then buy one or even two boxes of these pens to keep them available for your staff. While no office likes an added expenses, it is so critical that clients remember when their appointments are that this expenses is well worth it.

After just a few weeks of using these stickers, you’ll notice a marked difference in your office. More clients will be keeping and showing up for their appointments. There will be fewer clients forgetting their appointments and not showing up or calling the office afterward to apologize for not coming. Your office will be running smoother because all appointments will be kept. Revenue will be increased because appointments will be higher than before. All from using an attractive sticker on your business card. Its a great improvement from a small change, what could be better?

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Make Connections at Your Next Trade Show

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Getting ready to attend a trade show? It’s easy to see why they are so popular, just how often do you get to be surrounded by people and companies in your favorite industry? And if you are attending a trade show, you’ll want to make the most of this experience. This is the ideal opportunity to make connections and meet people in your industry. Let’s talk about how you can network successfully at this great event:

Plan to connect. We know that you can’t plan everything, but you can make an effort to connect with people. Talk to people not only who come to your booth, but when you go to get a cup of coffee or take a break for lunch. Chat with people in the elevator or on the escalator. The more chatting opportunities you have, the more networking you will successfully do. The very best networking is natural and comes when you are simply focused on connecting with people. And that doesn’t mean you are always behind your trade show podium.

Dress to impress. A trade show is a busy place and you are always on-the-go. But you need to think about your appearance and how you present yourself. Is your breath fresh? Ladies, does your makeup melt off your face after a few hours? Gents, is your suit pressed and shoes shined? Don’t wear a tuxedo or something totally out of place, but dress well so you make a great first impression. Choose clothing that looks good but also is comfortable. Ladies, choose flat shoes or low heels so it is easy to stand for most of the day.


Bring updated business cards. This is one of the most important things you’ll do to make connections. While many will add you to their PDA or cell phone, lots of people still like to collect a classic business card. Bring plenty of them and be sure the information has been updated to reflect your most recent title and contact information. Don’t forget to add social media contact information. Another great tip: consider writing your cell phone number on the back so they can easily contact you during the trade show to meet for lunch or dinner!

Offer something. A great way to make connections is to have something to give. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give away the whole store or offer unlimited access to your bank account to make some great connections. Most great connections are made through offering useful information and resources. If you meet someone at the conference who is looking for a vendor, offer to refer them to yours so they can get printing done or a website designed.

Create a get together. This is one of the most ways to make connections at a trade show. Get to know the people and companies near you at the trade show and then coordinate dinner at a local restaurant or cocktails and appetizers or even a favorite tourist event. What could be more fun than visiting New York City or Chicago or San Francisco and then seeing one of the best tourist spots together? Its a relaxed setting and a great way to get to know everyone.

Being at a trade show is a fun, once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget. It is possible to make great connections there if you try. The most important thing is to make an effort. Focus on making an effort each day to network and make connections, and then stay in touch after the trade show is over. Now that’s successful networking!

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