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Achilles Tendonosis

The Achilles tendon is the biggest tendon in our body. It is a vital tendon as it is used when we walk, jump, run or do activities that involve our feet. It can endure a huge amount of tension and stress brought about by these activities. However, it is susceptible to being inflamed. This is brought about by excessive use and deterioration and is known as tendonosis. Sportsmen commonly manifest Achilles tendonosis.

Achilles Tendonosis — Signs and Symptoms

The most ordinary sign is discomfort and pain that can be anywhere from a dull twinge to piercing prickly pains. Walking and climbing the stairs may be difficult. The pain will be more forceful as it aggravates and occurrences will be more frequent. More than a few minutes of movement will make it better but will recur after a few minutes of rest. An area of the Achilles will normally be tender and puffed-up. Read more...

Avoiding Senior Moments And Increasing Your Brain Power

senior moment

The there is no getting away from the fact is that memory reduces as we age.  I used to remember everything important but in the last few years have had trouble linking faces and names and I have definitely got more forgetful.  I am in my mid-fifties so I am  perhaps approaching that  senior moment territory  but I did start to investigate whether there was something I could be doing now to improve  my memory and  help with these memory lapses.

First off, medical research has found that the adult brain is still able to form new memory.  You may be one of these people who believes that a person’s mental ability is at its peak as an early adult and then it’s all downhill  from there but that thinking has not now scientifically shown to be the case.  The latest thinking is that with some effort you can boost your memory power whatever your age. Read more...

Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

There are many different ways to reduce cholesterol naturally, and reducing your cholesterol naturally is often more sustainable than using conventional medication. The problem with conventional medication is the range of side effects it can cause, and it is well worth exploring ways to reduce cholesterol naturally.

Most doctors will recommend conventional treatments such as statins, and they may even say that you will need to remain on the treatment for the rest of your life. This is a serious long term commitment to a drug which is strongly associated with an increased risk of diabetes type 2, and many other health problems.

The Problem with Statins

Reduce Cholesterol Naturally With CholesloStatin drugs were developed from red yeast which is a natural cholesterol lowering remedy, but the combination of compounds found in statin drugs are not risk free. They are known to cause serious health problems, and the main cause for concern is diabetes type 2. Read more...