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Blueberry Pick Your Health

One of my families favorite summer camping memories dates to when we found our tents pitched next to a small blueberry patch. Not only was the patch small so were the blueberries, but not their taste. Sumptuous may be the best term to describe the flavor of the wild blueberry pancakes we all wolfed down with glee.
The taste and fun of eating our own wild picked berries was memorable, and little did we realize then that we were giving our bodies as well as our taste buds a treat.
Blueberries, it turns out, are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They are packed with a wide range of micro-nutrients that not only protect the body from disease, but are also believed to posses anti-aging abilities.

High Antioxidant Value

Blueberries along with plums and strawberries have the highest total anti-oxidant properties of any food. They have been called super fruits. Their anti oxidant properties help neutralize free radicals that are created by the bodies own natural processes as well as fight those absorbed by the body as toxins from the environment around us.
While most of this work is done invisibly at the molecular level within each of the billions of cells that make up your body, the net results appears to be one of increased longevity of cells and the organs they make up. The net result is a healthier body, and a less run down one. In other words, they help you look, feel and stay younger than you might otherwise.
Blueberries contain 14 mg or Vitamin C and 0.8 mg Vitamin E per 1 cup of blueberries. These vitamins are critical to your bodies war against free radicals. But blueberries also contain lesser known anti-oxidants such as anthocyanins and phenolics.

Neuron Protection

The compound anthocyanin is thought to slow down age-related loss in mental capacity of the brain in humans. People who tend to eat more blueberries are thought to have better functioning motor behavior learning and memory.
Anthocyanin is the component that gives blueberries their color and are thought to be the key factor of the blueberry’s extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Tests with rats by Tufts University researcher, James Joseph showed significant positive effects to balance and coordination for test groups that were feed a blueberry rich diet. A similar group feed a strawberry enhanced diet also did well, however the blueberry diet did the best.
Dr. Joseph believes the benefits stem from yet another set of micro nutrients called flavonoids, a phytochemical that seems to have significant impact on cell membranes.
These studies suggest that blueberries and similar foods may be beneficial to those suffering poor balance and coordination related to aging. Read more...

Looking To Improve Your Skin?


If you are looking for an anti wrinkle cream then finding one associated with a clinician is the best way to go.You will see that there are many creams on the market but many are full of the same old same old and havent really developed in years. Look for the more modern creams as the technology has advanced significantly over the last ten years.

The majority of the excellent anti aging facial cream items out there have numerous active ingredients and functions in common, particularly the older ones. If aging skin doesnt particularly bother you then just get a daily moisturizer and forget about the anti aging creams.On the other hand if you want to look younger then here are some pointers. Read more...

Adding The Health Benefits Of Apples To Your Life

applesAre we beginning to ignore apples? Supermarkets are reporting that they are selling less and less apples. Could that mean that we are not appreciating the health benefits of apples? This once very popular fruit seems to have been replaced by other more exotic and expensive fruits. Most fruits are good for us, but the problem with exotic fruits, is that they have been transported over long distances. Transporting fruit and vegetables over long distances will reduce their nutritional value. The apple farm down the road would probably deliver better nutritional value, and, also, better value for money.

Should we ignore apples? Absolutely not, and did you know that an apple contains more vitamin C than an orange? On top of that, they are also richer in fiber, and one particular soluble fiber, pectin, is very important. Pectin can help us to lower our cholesterol, boost our immune system and sweep away toxins in the body. In other words, it is a natural broom that we ignore at our own peril. Oranges on the other hand are acidic, and can even trigger arthritis and gout. Perhaps you really should consider adding an apple a day to your diet.

Different colors

Understanding Probiotic Supplements

probiotic supplementThe term ‘probiotics’ speaks of bacteria found in the intestines and whose role it is to ensure the health of the entire digestive system by maintaining the natural balance of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. 

With over 400 different types of probiotics in the digestive tract, they will encourage healthy bacteria to flourish even while inhibiting the growth of their more dangerous counterparts.

A lot of research has emerged over the years, suggesting the potency of probiotics as an effective means of treating ailments in the intestines. However, with only a select few types of bacteria known to work in the digestive tract, such studies have yet to determine which probiotics could most effectively treat diseases in the stomach and intestines. Read more...

Start Juicing And Feel the Benefits …

Orange juice preferences terrific, yet not when it’s from concentrate. In this write-up, I will certainly supply you with lots of techniques as well as pointers so that you could make your very own tasty juices making use of fresh fruit that comes right from a regional grocery shop or your yard.

It’s an excellent suggestion to include veggies to your juices to obtain even more nutrients from it. You obtain rid of the pulp from your juice, you could utilize a coffee filer and also pressure the pulp out. If you do not occur to such as pulp, you might desire to make use of a coffee filter or cheese towel to stress your juice.

Juice could really be an entire dish unto itself. When you’ve made juice a pair of times, you’ll be able to figure out just how much you require to make one mug of juice.
You could finish up not utilizing them, if you neglect regarding them. Make certain to have a high turn over of fruit and vegetables so that you utilize the best components that you can. Read more...

Information About Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins & & Minerals Help Supplement Your Health

Your body is run every day by minerals as well as vitamins. Carbohydrates offer your body gas, while minerals as well as vitamins offer sustenance for it to much better the interior procedures.

Make sure you are obtaining adequate vitamins to permit your body to recoup from exercising. Including the nutrients that your body demands could assist you maximize your exercises, shed fat, and also construct muscle mass.

Make certain that you take vitamins that function well with each various other. If you’re functioning out frequently, you require to be taking vitamins. Adequate amounts of vitamin D are required in order for your body to soak up calcium. Read more...