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Finding the Perfect Mantel

Young couples dream of the day when they will become the sole owners of a home. Until that day comes, many list items or features they would love to have, and a fireplace is often found on those lists. However, just having a fireplace (real or artificial) is only half the challenge. The thing that determines just how beautiful a fireplace looks within a room is the mantle. If you are searching for the perfect mantle for your in-home fireplace, here are some tips for things you ought to keep an eye out for:

Match Your Styles
Living Room

If your home has an existing style of molding, doors, furniture, or other elements, try to find a fireplace mantle that really accents these things. The design of the mantle will look best if it is shaped like the other things in the room. For example, if the space is furnished with stately but geometric furniture, having a mantle that reflects those ideas will serve to make the space a coherent and beautiful one.

Pick the Right Materials


Not all fireplace mantles are made equally—let that be known up front. Some are made of cheaper materials that are simply designed to mimic the “real deal.” However, if you are looking for a fireplace mantel that will show off your home and add to its value, you need to find the mantle made of material that can last. This does not always mean that it is made out of wood, however. There are other materials that can create just as striking a presentation as a well-shaped piece of wood. Take a look at some of the other options that may be available to you, such as brick, stone, or otherwise.

Take Time to Choose Your Design

Elegant Fireplace

Running out and buying the first fireplace mantel that you see does not always mean that you get the one that you want—or the one that you can afford, for that matter. Investing in items like this for your home generally means that careful consideration of your options will lead to a better choice in the end. Depending on the company with whom you choose to work, you may have the opportunity to choose from mantle designs that date from many years ago, to new and exciting styles that fit in a more modern, exciting atmosphere. The prices that go along with these pieces will differ between each one, due to the materials used, designer brand name, or even cost of installation.

Take time to compare the prices of the products and services offered by competing companies as well. You may come across a sale or opportunity that will make purchasing a fireplace mantle even more affordable than you initially planned it to be.
No matter what you do, however, be sure to find something that you feel you will be happy owning for the next several years. A fireplace mantle is an investment that you should be happy with at the end of the day. If you are successful in finding something that will increase your home value and aesthetics, and you will see the benefits of doing so in the years to come.

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