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Finding Your ”Why” for Academic Achievement


Trying to get your degree as an adult who is already working full-time, raising a family and tending to other responsibilities is much different than the typical college student who does not have anything else to worry about–besides maybe a part-time job—except his studies. To commit to something as time-consuming as going back to school, you must have a really good reason for wanting that degree. It will not be easy though, and you will probably have to make changes and even some sacrifices, to complete your studies and put yourself on the path you really want to be on. There are lots of ways to help you reach this goal, and the most important strategies will be ones that put you in a state of mind that is conducive to helping you achieve what you want to achieve. Getting clear on your ‘’why’’ is probably the most powerful technique for ensuring your success.

Getting at the Reasons behind the Reasons

There is a reason, or maybe several, why you are going back to school. Maybe your career is stagnant, and you need to develop a new set of skills and knowledge to advance to the next level. Maybe you want to enter a completely different field and you can only do this with a certain educational background. Maybe you are stuck in a menial job with no chance of advancement and you want to earn a better living. Everything we do is because we think it will bring us something we want and no matter what it is we want, we want it because we think it will make us happy, or will make our life better.

If you are going to make it through your hectic schedule, you need to get very clear on the reasons why you want that degree. That clarity is vital for succeeding—you can only reach a goal when you have a deep understanding of what that goal is and why you want to reach it. It is not enough to say you want more money or want to create a better life for your children. You need to get at the reasons behind the reasons. This will give you that deep clarity and anyone who is living the life they desire took one first important step on the path—figuring out exactly what they wanted out of life.

List all of your reasons for wanting to go back to school and go deeper. You want more money-why? You want a better life for your kids-why? You want to follow your passions-why? You want to change careers-why? The deeper you go, the more you will discover about yourself—your values, your desires, the person you want to be. Once you have figured this out, you will not settle for a life that brings you anything less.

Your’’ Why’’ Is Your Motivator

Trying to complete your degree while tending to the other aspects of your life is going to be challenging, and there will be times when you will feel overwhelmed and you may question if you have taken on too much, or if you have what it takes to complete your studies. Being totally clear on why you want your degree and the benefits it will bring you are a necessary ingredient in working through these challenges.A strong ‘’why’’ will help you work through these issues and provide the motivation you need to manage your time better; it will also help you make the necessary sacrifices required for you to succeed.

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