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“Five Stars! Its great!” Use Customer Testimonials and Ratings to Advertise & Market Your Business

Five Stars
Today’s customers are far from shy. There are many ways to rate and comment on your favorite businesses. Lots of online sites let you rate stores, businesses and products and services. Many blogs and magazines give out awards and ratings for customer/reader favorites. How can you use this attention to your advantage? Try using it with your marketing and advertising!

There is an old saying, to not pay attention to your reviews. Often this is said to people like actors or singers, who have careers in the public eye. But we’re going to tell you to do the exact opposite – to get out there and read what has been said about you. And then to create a file of those reviews. Remember to not only collect the “meat” of the review (what was said) but also who said it, where the review appeared and what date the review was published. All of this information is important for your advertising and marketing purposes.

You will probably wind up collecting more reviews than you wind up using. Don’t fret over this, this is a very common experience for a business to have. Simply make it a practice to collect reviews and keep them in a file. Go back to these sites and places to look for new reviews to add them to your files every month or every few weeks or so. You’ll be glad you did, as customers pay attention to not only what a review has said, but how recent a review is. A restaurant that is quoting a review from four years ago may not be so proud of their current accomplishments. It is ideal to be using reviews within the past year, even the past two years is okay.

There are many ways and methods to use these reviews. Remember for the most part these reviews have appeared in the public eye and you should be permitted to use them. Read the website to see if the information at the website is all copyrighted. If it is, you may need to get permission to use reviews for your promotional materials. It is better to ask for permission than to have a review site upset that you used something of theirs that they have exclusive rights to. Just read the site carefully and ask for permission if you are unsure.

Look at your reviews and pick a few favorites. One to three is often ideal. These can be sprinkled in your advertising and promotions. You can use these in many different forms of advertising, whether you get a big billboard, a magazine or newspaper ad or even a radio or local cable television ad.

Probably the best way to use customers’ testimonials is to sprinkle them in within the information of the ad. The ad can mention information about your restaurant, spa, store or other business. The review can then offer an unsolicited testimonial of how terrific your business is. Ask your graphic designer what the best layout should be, so that the testimonial is easy for everyone to read. You want to be sure that people can quickly read the information in the ad and then also that the testimonial gets their attention.

Customer testimonials are a great way to let people know how great your company’s products and services are, sometimes they are even more valuable than anything your advertisement could mention!

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