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Free Marketing Tips: Why You Need to Start a Blog

Are you blogging? You might be missing out on generating leads and slowing your business growth. Blogging offers your prospective customers one stop shopping. You can post videos, articles, reviews, webinars and ebooks to your blog pretty quickly, helping your prospects reach you easily. Blogging establishes your authority and increases your online reach, and if you use a platform like blogger you can set up your blog for free.

Create value through your blog. Writing endless pitch type posts, where you push your opportunity on individuals, only serves to repel the customer you would like to connect with. Your blog is merely a platform through which you can connect with people.

How can you optimize your free online marketing campaign with blogging?

Write Helpful Content

Craft content which helps your readers. Solve their problems each time you decide to publish a post. If you can solve problems persistently you will easily grow your readership and generate more leads. Listen to your audience. Trawl niche specific forums or social networking sites. What are people chatting about? Why do people want to succeed? If you can listen in closely, and answer these questions, you will never lack for business or content creation ideas.

Create your blog posts and videos around these concepts to tailor your solution to their problems. If you write helpful content persistently you will easily draw in business, optimizing your internet marketing campaign.


Speak your voice as you write. Take the time to practice your craft, writing daily so that you begin to post from your heart. Writing with your voice makes you more attractive to readers. Your online marketing campaign will be built on a strong foundation if you engage in heart-felt writing.

Customize your theme to stand out from the online crowd. You can download a free theme and make the appropriate modifications to add your own personal touch to your marketing campaign.

Customizing is a great secret to success. You can easily make a firm impress on the mind of your target market by customizing your blog.

Free Lead Bait

Grow your email list by sharing a free, value-packed giveaway with your audience. Take the time to create your own free product to increase the size of your list. Post your opt-in form or banner along your sidebar, advertising your free giveaway to your readers.

As more people optin for your free giveaway you will begin to develop stronger relationships with your list, and these relationships will prosper you and your blog readers. Be patient and test to find the best spot where to post your free offering. Above the fold usually works nicely. You can also link up to your capture page within your post, and in your resource box too.

The more frequently you can make a clear and definite call to action the more quickly you will grow your list and build your free online marketing on solid legs.

Use these tips to optimize your marketing campaign with blogging today.

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