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How the Difficulties of Drug Rehabilitation Can Be Your Greatest Blessing

You might call me crazy for making the above statement but I promise you it’s true . If you experience the pains, the struggle, the nightmare of going through fits of craving, you ignore the gift you have been sent.

Every part of your ego fights this statement. Again, this is good. It proves to you that if your ego is fighting something which advances you, which progresses you, which makes you grow quickly, you are on the right track.

If you chose to stop using and go into rehabilitation you want to be free. Accept this statement. Make a blanket decision to remind yourself that being free is your number one goal, and you will begin to see rehab as a blessing.

Why is dealing with rehab the blessing of blessings?

You Display Courage

It takes immense courage to admit that you have a problem. Few people do this with an aspect of their lives, let alone in the area of drug use. Most feel they have things under control. A certain percentage would rather hold this belief – until they reach the grave – rather than showing the courage to admit they need help.

You showed the courage, and this courage grows as you embrace the valleys which will occur as you deal with temptations along the path. Dwell on this idea: you are brave, and you will continue to become braver as you embrace all that happens on the road through healing.

The Night Is Darkest Before the Day

Virtually all massive personal breakthroughs occur after bouts of strong resistance. This means that you will experience your greatest joys after suffering your greatest sorrows. People experience the loss of loved ones, financial ruin, and a host of other difficult situations which seem too much to bear. If you can just keep moving in the right direction, no matter how terrible you feel during withdrawl, you will be like the person who meets a new soul mate, or a new friend, or who becomes ridiculously wealthy after being broke for so long.

You will be fully clean and sober, all because you embraced your demons and knew that freedom resided on the other side of these uncomfortable, difficult periods.

You Took Control

The greatest of blessings lies in your power of choice. You choose to be bound or to be free, with your free will. Going into rehab means you chose to be free, to live the life you truly want to live.

Taking this step alone is empowering, and should fill you with a sense of profound gratitude for the life you are proceeding to live.


Things will get difficult. You will experience uncomfortable situations, heartache and despair, but if you can embrace these temporary moments and move your attention to the blessing you have received, you can weather these storms with greater ease.

Have faith. Be grateful. Things are turning at a fast pace for you. Be thankful for the courageous decision you made to become clean and sober and become free.

Kelli Cooper, writing on behalf of, is a freelance writer who enjoys writing posts that deal with personal development, self-growth and how to overcome challenges in life.

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