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Keep Clients Reminded with Appointment Card Stickers

Appointment Card Stickers
Frustrated by clients who miss or just plain forget appointments? There has to be something to help keep your schedule on track. There is! Try what professionals in many fields have turned to, Appointment Card Stickers. These stickers easily attach to your business cards. Your clients know they have an appointment with you and that sticker draws attention to the appointment date and time. For many professionals this means fewer missed appointments and a smoother running day.

These stickers are easy to use and professionals like them because they are an easy way to remind every client of their appointment. Just attach the sticker to the business card and write in the appointment date and time. The sticker is an attractive graphic, specially designed to attract attention. They come in a variety of styles and colors, that will work well with your business card.
Appointment Card
You’ll be surprised when using the stickers at how clients notice them right from the start. That’s because not every professional uses something this unique and stand out on their business card, so yours easily get attention. Even for the client who has a few business cards in their pocket, reminding them of a few appointments, you can be confident that yours will stand out from the crowd. That bright and colorful graphic draws the eye in and the first thing they’ll notice is the appointment date and time.

If you decide to use stickers in your office, remember to make them available to everyone in your office. Anyone who answers the phone or is at the reception desk can wind up making an appointment. They need to have quick access to these Appointment Card Stickers so clients’ cards always have the stickers on them. If you only use them occasionally or wind up forgetting to use them most of the time, then your clients wont know to look for them. The key is to use them each and every time, so they become your trademark.

Write on appointment card stickers with a black or blue pen. While a pencil can be convenient to use in the office for many reasons, you wont want to use it to write appointments. A gel pen can be used, just about any pen may be ideal as long as it doesn’t smudge. Some professionals prefer to use a permanent ink pen. Test out the pen to see if it smudges before you begin writing out appointments for clients. Then buy one or even two boxes of these pens to keep them available for your staff. While no office likes an added expenses, it is so critical that clients remember when their appointments are that this expenses is well worth it.

After just a few weeks of using these stickers, you’ll notice a marked difference in your office. More clients will be keeping and showing up for their appointments. There will be fewer clients forgetting their appointments and not showing up or calling the office afterward to apologize for not coming. Your office will be running smoother because all appointments will be kept. Revenue will be increased because appointments will be higher than before. All from using an attractive sticker on your business card. Its a great improvement from a small change, what could be better?

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