Selling Your Gold

Circumstances That Warrant Selling Your Gold Jewelry For Cash

There’s a good chance you have old gold jewelry stashed in the back of dresser drawers, lock boxes, or in storage. You might own watches that stopped working years ago; you may have broken necklaces and bracelets that cost too much to repair; or, you might own several pairs of earrings for which one has been lost. Gold rings, cufflinks, pendants, and brooches might litter a corner of your home, having been forgotten long ago. If these pieces contain gold, you can sell them for cash.

Why might you sell your old gold jewelry instead of keeping it tucked away in storage? We’ll present several compelling reasons below.

Your Jewelry Is Out Of Style

Assuming you haven’t worn your gold chains, rings, and pendants for awhile, think about the reasons you set them aside in the first place. For many people, the reason is because their jewelry has become outdated. Their pieces are inconsistent with current fashion trends, and thus have been relegated to the back of a drawer.

You can sell your outdated gold jewelry, and use the money to buy items that are more fashionable. By doing so, you’ll at least be able to enjoy your jewelry rather than letting it gather dust in your home.

Your Pieces Evoke Painful Memories

A lot of people have received gold chains, amulets, and rings, as heartfelt gifts from significant others. These pieces are a reminder of past relationships. But when these relationships come to an end, the memories they hold can be unpleasant, and even painful.

When you sell gold jewelry that carries such memories, you essentially purge the emotions tied to them. This can serve as a release that allows you to start over. You can use the money to enjoy a hobby, indulge yourself with a vacation, or save it for a rainy day. Part of the value in selling your old gold jewelry is that doing so helps you move on from whatever circumstances they symbolize.

Your Jewelry Is Part Of An Inheritance

When people pass away, they often leave their jewelry to their descendants or relatives. Occasionally, certain pieces have been handed down for generations, becoming veritable heirlooms in the process. In most cases, however, the pieces become a burden. Those who inherit them are unlikely to ever wear them. Because the jewelry was inherited, there may be an implied responsibility to keep it.

But is this reasonable? Does keeping the inherited gold watches, chains, and brooches dovetail with your preferences? If not, take the opportunity to sell them for cash. Millions of people are simplifying their lives, getting rid of possessions they don’t need. Inheriting pieces of jewelry you’ll never wear is an ideal chance to do the same.

To Raise Emergency Funds

Thus far, we have focused mainly on selling gold jewelry that is all but useless. Whether the pieces are outdated, broken, or filled with painful memories, selling them is usually an easy decision. But there are many other reasons to sell your old gold pins, lockets, and earrings. For example, you may need a quick source of cash.

Many people are struggling to make ends meet. Their bills may be piling up; some are late. The car may need repairs. The refrigerator might be making strange noises. The roof may have developed a leak. These and other emergencies can stretch any budget to its breaking point. Selling your jewelry to an online gold refiner can produce needed funds within a few days. This can help you preserve your savings or retirement account while taking care of life’s smaller crises. Whether you need to pay medical bills, health insurance premiums, or your child’s tuition, having the funds available provides financial breathing room.

If your collection of gold jewelry is filled with pieces you adore and wear on a regular basis, it may be worth keeping. On the other hand, if you haven’t worn your gold necklaces and bracelets for years, now is a good time to sell them. The price of the precious metal is near its all-time high. Take advantage of it before it plummets.