One of my favorite topics to write about is relationships. I have been married for 25 years to the same wonderful woman, have three children and several grandchildren.  I enjoy writing about such topics as Marriage, Engagement Rings, and Weddings.

Below are some of my favorite articles on the subjects:

Signs Your Girlfriend is a Keeper – You Better Propose Soon!
After the thrill of the chase and you’re on that pheromone high which signifies utter stupidity or love, depending on your point of view, you may end up with those long silent pauses where nothing needs to be said and the only sound is deep sighs of mutual contentment. That’s Lurrrrrv! Now you may not be at that stage yet, or maybe you are but are a stalwart bachelor

The Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World
No matter who you are, the bride’s wedding dress is going to make a big dent in your budget and as many a man has discovered, whether he be the bride’s father or the groom who are paying for it, they end up being highly perplexed that a dress which is only to be worn once can cost so much money. When you are dealing with cost issues in your wedding, it may help you to consider that these items, and the wedding dress ranks very high up there with them, are not so much about “cost” as about the value they give – the look and feeling they give to the bride, the groom and the assembled cast who are participating in the wedding.

The Glorious Diamond Cutting Process
When a diamond is first extracted from the earth it looks just as any other pebble or piece of rock you may have picked up on a beach and thrown into the sea. Many people never realize the fiery, brilliant stone they are wearing was formed at least 50 miles below the surface of the earth under the most intense pressure and extremes of temperature which compressed humble carbon atoms into a particularly strong atomic formation which gives diamonds their quality of strength and fiery beauty.

The Origins of the Beloved Diamond Engagement Ring
The diamond ring is a relatively recent innovation in the Western wedding tradition and is not deep rooted in the mists of time as many people might suspect! The tradition of exchanging rings on betrothal and marriage dates back to ancient times with the Egyptians being the first recorded culture that performed this and passing the custom on to the Greeks, then the Romans, then the Europeans and eventually us in North America.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact With Your Wedding and Engagement Rings
The materials that go into making a fine engagement or wedding ring almost invariably come from the earth and require serious mining efforts to extract them, diamonds and other gemstones, the metals for the rings and settings including gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Mining is a seriously invasive process which not only can irretrievably damage the immediate environment rendering the land unfit for humans and animals to live on or nearby, but the byproducts of mining and refining can be extremely toxic and persistent.