Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

There are many different ways to reduce cholesterol naturally, and reducing your cholesterol naturally is often more sustainable than using conventional medication. The problem with conventional medication is the range of side effects it can cause, and it is well worth exploring ways to reduce cholesterol naturally.

Most doctors will recommend conventional treatments such as statins, and they may even say that you will need to remain on the treatment for the rest of your life. This is a serious long term commitment to a drug which is strongly associated with an increased risk of diabetes type 2, and many other health problems.

The Problem with Statins

Reduce Cholesterol Naturally With CholesloStatin drugs were developed from red yeast which is a natural cholesterol lowering remedy, but the combination of compounds found in statin drugs are not risk free. They are known to cause serious health problems, and the main cause for concern is diabetes type 2.

However, there are many others and users report dizziness, head aches and even memory problems. Once you start taking statins you may see a drop in your LDL cholesterol level within about four weeks. However, with lifestyle changes and using the correct supplements, you would also notice a reduction in your cholesterol level within the same time frame.

One of the most worrying side effects, apart from the increased risk of diabetes type 2, is also muscle loss. Most users of statin drugs notice a loss of muscle tone within weeks or months of beginning treatment. The muscle loss is first noticed in your upper arms, but you will eventually notice it in your legs as well.

The problem is that the muscles in your legs and arms are only the obvious muscles. We often forget that the heart is a muscle as well, and statins are associated with lower heart function.

Weight gain is another common statin side effect which doctors don’t like to talk about. Many users of statins do report an increase in weight, and the weight tends to settle around the stomach which is the most dangerous place to gain weight. Isn’t it strange how doctors always tell us that carrying weight around the middle of our bodies is dangerous, but with statins the story seems to be different? It really makes you wonder what is going on.

Many users of statins also complain about breathlessness, so it could be important to appreciate the relationship between poor lung function and statins.

Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

There are supplements which can help to reduce cholesterol just as efficiently as statins. One of the best ones is called Choleslo, and it contains a range of active ingredients which can lower your triglycerides level at the same time. Choleslo has been proven to be perfectly safe to use, and with addition of red yeast it contains natural cholesterol lowering compounds.

It can be taken safely along with other natural remedies such as Fish Omega 3 Fatty Acids, but you need to lower your dosage of Fish oil to 1000 mg per day if you plan to use it as a combination treatment.

Many other supplements and herbs such as parsley, can help to lower your cholesterol. We are all individuals and it is important to remember that not all treatments or remedies work for everybody. The great thing about natural remedies is that you can easily personalize them, and take a combination which suits you.

Lifestyle changes will become necessary as well. It is important to look at what you eat, and how you eat your food. It may sound strange, but the right food combination on a daily basis will lead to lower cholesterol. Natural foods as well as natural remedies are important.

Exercise is an important part of lifestyle changes. Most of us do have very sedentary lifestyles and sit down far too much. Getting up and moving is vital, and making easy to follow exercises such as walking part of your routine can further add to a reduction in LDL cholesterol.

Sometimes we just make our lives too complicated when it comes to health. At other times, we think it is okay to carry on eating the wrong foods and not exercising because we have being prescribed a medication. Natural ways to improve your cholesterol balance can also lead to many other health benefits.

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